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Wealthbox is elegantly designed CRM for financial advisors. Web-based and secure. No training required.

“Wealthbox reminds me of when I got my first iPhone. It’s an incredibly simple yet powerful platform for my firm.”

— Jason Wenk, Retirement Wealth Advisors, Inc.

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Wealthbox keeps you connected with clients, prospects, and staff - with ease.

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"Having used so many other CRMs, Wealthbox just works, and works exceptionally well for what an advisor needs to run their practice efficiently."

John Brueggeman

Viceroy Wealth Counsel

"With Wealthbox, collaboration feels like a natural extension of the CRM. …Pricing is in a sweet spot among competing CRM providers."

Bill Winterberg

Morningstar Advisor
Freelance contributor

"I've used clunky CRMs over the years but just stayed in Outlook to manage my contacts. Then I found Wealthbox CRM. It's amazing."

Tom Boova

IFG Capital

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