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Announcing Wealthbox Desktop Apps for Windows & Mac

Move over browser icons, there’s a new kid on the dock!

January 5, 2018

Wealthbox for Desktop

Experience Wealthbox Without Distractions!

Here’s a new choice for Wealthbox users: Today, as part of the launch of Wealthbox 3, we’re releasing Wealthbox Desktop Apps for Windows & Mac in public beta. Now, in addition to accessing Wealthbox via the web, financial advisors have the option to download and easily install a Wealthbox desktop app – yes, a desktop app! – and place the Wealthbox icon in the taskbar (Windows) or dock (Mac) on the desktop of their computers. In just one click an advisor can start using Wealthbox instantly. zap

Wealthbox desktop apps for Windows and Mac are powered with an online connection and have the exact same user-interface, features, and integrations as the web-based version, including broad security protections and session time-out options. (No data is stored on the computer; it remains securely hosted in this internet-connected app.) Syncing with the companion mobile app and automatic software updates are also provided.

3 Advantages of the Wealthbox Desktop App

Here are some advantages that many users of modern, internet-connected desktop apps perceive.

1. Better Usability: Software product design extends beyond the user interface. How advisors repeatedly access and open up a CRM product takes time and effort, however trivial, and the simplicity and time it takes to “get going” and interact with a CRM product matters. The immersive, focussed user-experience of a single app, with a full-screen mode on, will help many advisors who are familiar with native apps on their desktop. The user-experience of these desktop apps is pure Wealthbox and desktop features like forthcoming “notifications” are hot. fire

2. Improved Speed: With a single click of the Wealthbox icon in the dock, advisors can access Wealthbox CRM and interact with the application instantly. No “www” typing required and no repeated searching to find and click on the Wealthbox tab among many opened in the browser. And no accidental closing of an open browser. Users can even take advantage of “hot-key” short-cuts in moving within the app, see below. checkered_flag

3. Less Distraction, More Productivity: Simplicity, ease of use, quicker access, faster performance. It all adds up to save advisors time in the repetitive use of CRM to help make their practice more efficient. Indeed, the Wealthbox desktop app can even be set to launch automatically when you boot up your Windows or Mac computer! rocket

Think Outside the Wealthbox with Notifications

Coming up in Wealthbox Desktop Apps are “Notifications.” These pop-up windows in the menu bar or system tray will allow you to see activity updates in Wealthbox even when you are working in another application. Stay in the loop and collaborate with your team through Wealthbox notifications, releasing soon in Wealthbox Desktop apps.

Product Design Based On Keen Observation

With all the buzz around “mobile” and with trendy terms like “cloud” it may seem counterintuitive to offer the seemingly quasi-retro option of a downloadable desktop app for CRM software. But the lines between smartphones, tablets, and desktops are blurring, and keen observation in the way many financial advisors actually interact with CRM software is revealing.

To wit, most financial advisor work interacting with a CRM is performed on a desktop computer. As much as the software industry promotes the fantasy of getting work done on a beach or mountain top with a mobile device, the reality is quite different. And with power users of Wealthbox who literally login more than 50 times per day, we think the Wealthbox Desktop App will be a great solution.

Is The Desktop App the New Black?

Wealthbox CRM and other modern web-based apps designed by forward-thinking teams like Slack, Basecamp, WordPress, Salesforce-owned Quip and recently Trello now provide these type of desktop apps as an alternative to their core web-based offerings. Which works better? …To each his or her own!

Ultimately, it’s up to our advisor customers to determine their preference for the web or desktop version of Wealthbox CRM. The open vibe of the web version is a good fit for multitasking users who keep many website tabs open on different websites. Alternatively, the focussed, immersive user-experience of the Wealthbox Desktop App can be more productive for many advisors who want to work in a single-purpose desktop application.

Download the Wealthbox Desktop APP for Windows and Mac

Advisors: Try the Wealthbox Desktop App to see if it’s right for you. Go back to the modern future and install the Wealthbox Desktop App and spend less time using a CRM and more time with your clients, family, and friends!

Download Wealthbox for Desktop
Wealthbox supports Windows 7+ and OS X 10.8+

PS. Check out the list of desktop shortcuts below.

Wealthbox Desktop Shortcuts

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