Take the Wealthbox Challenge!


Take the Wealthbox Challenge!

Learn How It Works

Wealthbox is a refreshing change to old-school CRM.

How the Wealthbox Challenge works

1Take a CRM quiz.

on your CRM usage. You'll get a $100 Amazon gift card if you complete the Challenge and become a customer. It's all about you!

2See a demo of Wealthbox.

A Wealthbox product specialist will give you a live demo of our CRM technology. It’s just 20 minutes, with questions and answers.

3Complete 5 easy steps in Wealthbox.

You’ll get a free trial account, and with a few clicks inside Wealthbox you’ll check off 5 steps to see the power and beauty of Wealthbox CRM. Let your experience decide!

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Wealthbox Challenge?

About the Wealthbox Challenge

What is the Wealthbox Challenge?

With an amusing nod to the cola wars of the 80s, the Wealthbox Challenge is a fun and rewarding way for financial advisors to experience the power and beauty of Wealthbox CRM. Take a quiz, get a demo, start a free trial, and compare Wealthbox to your current CRM.

Why should I do the Wealthbox Challenge?

In the age of modern digital products in software-as-a-service, you should be able to try the product you’re being sold on or told about. Use it yourself. Let your experience decide!

How can I get a $100 gift card to Amazon?

Take the quiz, get a live demo, start a free trial, and become a paying subscriber to Wealthbox for two months and we’ll email you a $100 gift card from Amazon. Hey, time is money, and the time you’ll saving using Wealthbox needs to be spent somewhere else, so enjoy!

Who is eligible?

Financial advisors who have a genuine interest in experiencing the power and beauty of the Wealthbox software can participate in the Wealthbox Challenge.

These advisors made the switch!

“I’ve used the leading CRMs, and nothing comes close to the power and simplicity of Wealthbox. We
love it."

Alex Chalekian

Lake Avenue Financial

“Our 45-user firm switched to Wealthbox and we’ve seen CRM adoption like never before. It’s simple to use yet powerful and helps our firm operate with efficiency."

Charlie Rocco

Rocco & Associates

“The collaborative features and
ease of use in Wealthbox are incredible and have helped our firm grow. We’re glad we switched to Wealthbox.”

Rachel Daniels

STA Wealth

Are you ready to take the
Wealthbox Challenge?

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