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Wealthbox CRM to Integrate with Schwab

“The Wealthbox CRM solution is a valuable addition to the Schwab platform…”

John Connor, Schwab Digital Advisor Services

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LPL Financial Selects Wealthbox for Vendor Affinity Program

“As an LPL-affiliated advisor, I’ve used the leading CRMs, and nothing comes close to the power and simplicity of Wealthbox. We love it.”

Alex Chalekian, Lake Avenue Financial

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New Integration: Fidelity Wealthscape

“The innovative integration between Wealthbox and Fidelity’s Wealthscape ultimately saves our 800 nationwide advisors time that we can give back to our clients to better serve them.”

Jason Crump, CEO of FormulaFolio Investments

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New in Wealthbox: Super Fast Account Openings for Advisors Who Custody Assets With TD Ameritrade Institutional

“This is a good example of how collaboration with industry innovators can drive technology advances that help advisors. By automating data entry, we can reduce errors and save time, enabling a more seamless and efficient onboarding process.”

Robert Mahoney, Director, Technology Product Management, TD Ameritrade Institutional

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IFP Selects Wealthbox for its Nationwide Advisor Network

“Having Wealthbox as the preferred CRM in IFP’s technology stack empowers our broker-dealer immensely.”

Jeff Acheson, Divisional President of IFP Plan Advisors

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VCs back Wealthbox with another $6 million as improbable play to upend CRM giants like Salesforce, Microsoft and Redtail by ‘Facebooking’ its look and shanghai-ing data from LinkedIn

“Wealthbox CRM is in that real sweet spot,” says Bill Winterberg. “They’ve really grown in the CRM category like no other CRM provider I’ve seen grow. They were at zero in 2014 and now they’re in the top four among all the other CRMs that are built for advisors.”

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Selling a toolkit for investors of all stripes, Starburst Labs, makers of Wealthbox CRM, raises $6.25 million

“Starburst Lab’s flagship product is a customer relationship management system, Wealthbox CRM, which is already integrated with the eMoney Advisor tools sold by industry giant Fidelity to its 40,000 advisor customers.”

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Wealthbox – Smart CRM for financial advisors

“The majority of the CRM apps for advisors are bloated with a ton of features that require full time staff to keep the data relevant. Wealthbox nails the right set of features with a pleasing UX that can overcome the #1 obstacle in CRM: usage adoption.”

Jamie McIntyre, Founder of Rewire Capital

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Wealthbox CRM integrates instant messager Slack into adviser tech platform

“Instant messaging has found a new home, and it’s on a client relationship management platform for financial advisers…”

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Wealthbox Review: Finally! A CRM for Financial Advisors That is Super Easy, Powerful, and Affordable

There’s no training required with Wealthbox CRM, you just sign up and go. With its modern Facebook-style “activity stream” you can also internally collaborate with your assistant or partners, and everyone can see what new CRM updates are happening. Wealthbox even integrates externally your social network accounts in private activity streams to monitor the life events of your prospects and clients online.

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VC-backed RIA CRM firm bursts onto the T3 scene looking to knock off Redtail, Salesforce etc.

“Wenk’s biggest compliment about Wealthbox? ‘It’s just incredibly simple.’ Instead of a multi-day session and paying $10,000 to $20,000 for installation and training — something he was upset he’d have to do if he signed on for a full contract with Salesforce — Wenk simply got a login to Wealthbox and spent some time checking out the site. Everything, he says, was intuitive for him and his employees. ‘It reminds me of when I got my iPhone.'”

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Turning Data Into Gold

“Wealthbox allows advisors to view social media streams from inside the CRM — and gather data to make them smarter at how they interact with their clients. Advisors can even type their client’s email addresses into the system to pull up any account linked to that data across 50 different social networks. In one click.”

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The Big Trends in Financial Services Technology

“2014 will also likely be the year CRM software becomes more social. Here, Wealthbox CRM is leading the charge.”

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Notable adviser software tools that debuted at T3

“Wealthbox aims to be simpler than many of the other CRM tools available in the marketplace, with some integrations to draw in client social media activity and a handy internal “activity stream” to see the activity of all staff members currently interacting with various clients.”

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Social Media Tips For Highly Regulated Industries

“New CRM tools have just launched to connect the social media profile of clients with contact information. Companies are finding it to be an incredible tool for deepening their connection with customers. “The number-one reason financial advisors want to monitor social media is for life events,” Rourke said. “It enables advisors to be contextually relevant with their clients.”

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Social CRM for financial advisers: How activity streams will enhance client relationships

“Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and more attract billions of users month after month by aggregating updates from your professional, personal, and social connections. So why not build the same functionality into CRM software, the technology advisers use the most day after day? One startup doing so is New York City-based Gotham Tech Labs [now called Starburst Labs] with the introduction of Wealthbox CRM.”

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Wealthbox CRM Brings Simplicity and Social Networking Design to Managing Advisor-Client Relationships

“Wealthbox’s intuitive, user-friendly design reflects the “consumerization” of easy-to-use business productivity software – a unique attribute in financial services CRM. No bloat. No clunkiness. No training required.”

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Wealthbox is the Official CRM of Simplicity