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Game On for the Crypto Curious Advisor!

November 30, 2021

Advisors: Are you up for a challenge? 

Onramp Invest, the leading cryptoasset integration platform for financial advisors (and an integration partner to Wealthbox), is hosting a fantasy trading game on Wealthbase (another of our products here at Starburst Labs). Called “Onramp’s Holiday Crypto Trading Challenge” this simulated trading contest is for advisors and the broader fintech community to play, earn, and learn.

How it works: Players get $100,000 in virtual cash, create a portfolio of cryptos, and hodl or trade to win prizes up to $500. The game starts December 1st and ends on December 31st to ring in the New Year with a closing bell of victory for the top 3 players. There’s also a charitable donation to No Kids Hungry; read more below. It’s free to play, so join now to create your crypto portfolio. Invite your friends too!

6 reasons why crypto curious advisors should join Onramp’s game on Wealthbase

1 Play to earn – and learn

Have fun with a chance to win a prize while learning more about the world of crypto investing. The Onramp-sponsored game on Wealthbase is ultimately about education of various crypto tokens and their underlying projects, and how these markets move. Advisors: Think of this game as the playground at recess to the more formal schooling available in Onramp Academy.

2 You’ll get a feel for the crypto market

Ever wondered what it was like to live in the Wild West? Well, for investing, you can experience the Westworld of Wall Street via the simulation of Wealthbase. You can trade 200 of the top cryptos on Wealthbase 24/7 and get a feel for how these markets move.

3 Test ideas and trading strategies

Hey, we’re living in a simulation: invest accordingly. Set and forget, or trade daily. Range trade. Trade the news and related markets. Go long or short. Set limit orders. Experience how your trading ideas can play out, and share them with the community via rationales and performance sharing features in Wealthbase.

4 Discover amazing assets

To be sure most of the 12,000+ cryptos on the market today probably won’t be here in the future. Arguably, we’re in the Dot-Com 1 phase, but remember that most of those big Dot-Com 1 failures came back in new ventures and succeeded wildly in the world of Web 2.0. The world is tokenizing and there are some amazing crypto assets in the burgeoning world of the decentralized Web3 that you might want to be versed on for your clients. For example, beyond Bitcoin, cryptos like Filecoin, Helium, and Render (that we’ve invested IRL) are interesting projects that are worth a look, and playing this game on Wealthbase sparks curiosity and further exploration of specific cryptos, just like it does for stocks and ETFs. Wealthbase is a rabbit hole of asset discovery.

5 Have some holiday fun

Hey, it’s just a game. It’s not dangerous. You won’t poke your eye out. You won’t lose a dime – or a Satoshi. And Caitlin Cook, head of Onramp’s community and education, and others on the Onramp team are going to play too. Play = fun. Join the game now!

6 Chop it up for charity

We’re not sure where industry impresario Tyrone Ross, CEO of Onramp Invest, comes up with so many animated phrases like “chopping it up,” but we do know where his mixture of business and doing good comes from—the heart. His quest to provide a voice to the voiceless and help the needy is manifested in this game. To wit, for every player that joins the game, Onramp and Starburst Labs will jointly donate $1 to No Kid Hungry, a great organization Tyrone promotes that’s committed to ending hunger and poverty.

So, are you in? 

Create your crypto portfolio on Wealthbase now. Game on, and good luck!

And stay tuned for feature updates to Wealthbase in 2022, including new functionality for social trading, investor networking, and gamification that will bring retail investors, financial professionals, and investing brands together. Come for the game, stay for the community.

Happy holidays!

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