Wealthbox Turns 2!

Today we celebrate the birthday of Wealthbox CRM’s launch 2 years ago!


Our Beginnings

After previously building 2 different CRM products/companies over the last 10 years and selling one of them we wondered: Could we once again apply our experience and build a 3rd CRM product with the most advanced technologies, modern development practices, and a clean design aesthetic to provide great user experiences? Amid old-school CRM technologies in a market where fully 40% of advisors don’t use CRM, we thought that was a good idea.

The first keystrokes of code conception formed the DNA of a new breed of modern CRM. Wealthbox had a private-beta gestation period for most of 2013 where we honed the product with about 40 advisors who helped guide the initial feature set. (We also started prototype work on complementary apps like Wealthbase.) After this testing period, Wealthbox was born on February 11, 2014, two years ago today. We issued a press release touting the simplicity and “consumerization” of this new breed of CRM technology. RIABiz wrote an article about Wealthbox CRM “bursting on the scene.”

Thanks to our customers, partners, employees, investors, and industry friends! Our nimble team is just getting started with this elegantly designed and solidly engineered CRM platform. Simplicity in the user experience – and developer experience – animates us. We’re going to continue on to make using Wealthbox a piece of cake for financial advisors!

Below is a look back on a timeline of version upgrades since the launch of Wealthbox CRM.

Product Development Milestones

February, 2014

Version 1.0

Wealthbox CRM Launches


March 2014

Version 1.1

Ergonomics Meets Visual Design


August 2014

Version 1.5

Introducing Wealthbox Enterprise


September 2014

Version 1.6

Wealthbox Introduces Automated Workflows


January 2015

Version 1.7

New Integrations & Enhancements


February 2016

Version 2.0

Introducing the Wealthbox API


Future Releases?

Piece of Cake!


Wealthbox is the Official CRM of Simplicity