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  • Features Overview: See how Wealthbox is a radical improvement over Redtail, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and other CRMs.

  • Productivity Spotlight: Learn about task functionality, workflow collaboration, form tools pre-populating, contact role assignment, and email-to-CRM automations.

  • Integration Focus: See the LPL Clientworks integration in action with client account details, demographics, and contact syncing. 🔥

  • CRM Data Migration: Discover the ease – and speed – of switching to Wealthbox, and the “white glove” service for securely importing data.

  • Q&A Session: Ask questions and get answers from a Wealthbox specialist.

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“We find that nearly 12% of Redtail users are thinking about switching to Wealthbox…”

T3 / Inside Information Survey, January 2024

“Market Leader” Wealthbox “has surpassed Redtail adoption in the RIA channel…”

Source: Kitces AdvisorTech Report, August 2023

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