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How Wealthbox Helps Accelerate AUM Growth for Benchmark Wealth Management

June 20, 2024

Benchmark Wealth Management, a Wealthbox CRM customer, is a financial planning firm in Memphis, TN, with a team of 19 that provides financial planning, wealth management, trust services, and insurance solutions. The firm’s client-centric approach and dedication to excellence ensure clients receive tailored financial strategies to meet their unique goals and needs.

Wealthbox Senior Product Specialist Chris Kopanski recently sat down with COO Sarah Beach and CFP advisor Shannon Acosta of Benchmark Wealth Management to discuss the role that Wealthbox has played in Benchmark’s growth.

Benchmark faced significant challenges for nearly a decade in managing its clients efficiently. Initially relying on time-consuming Excel spreadsheets, they later transitioned to a cumbersome CRM system that proved overly complex and challenging to navigate. Since Benchmark has migrated to Wealthbox, their operations have become significantly more streamlined, allowing for greater efficiency and enhanced client service.

Check out the video of Chris, Sarah, and Shannon’s conversation to learn:

    • How Wealthbox effectively met Benchmark’s needs without unnecessary complexity.
    • The team’s challenges with other CRMs and their surprisingly easy and seamless transition to Wealthbox.
    • Wealthbox’s role in supporting the team’s scalability, and positioning the firm for future AUM growth.
    • How Wealthbox has enhanced Benchmark’s prospecting efforts and increased client acquisition.

Stay tuned for more Wealthbox customer stories coming soon!

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