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Wealthbox partners with innovative wealth-tech companies to help our mutual customers achieve success through integrated products.

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“In addition to the way Wealthbox provides an amazing user-experience for advisors, we also provide an amazing developer-experience for integration partners to easily join the Wealthbox ecosystem.”

Common Questions

Integration and Marketing Partnership - You wish to develop around the Wealthbox API to provide an integration that benefits both companies’ mutual users, and promote the integration to each other’s user base. Joint webinars, product blog postings, and other opportunities will be available to highlight the benefits of the partnership for financial advisors.

Integration-Only Partnership - You wish to build to the Wealthbox API, but don’t need to take part in co-marketing the integration. For instance, you could be using the API for your own firm’s use, but don’t plan to resell or share the integration with other financial advisors.

Marketing-Only Partnership - This is a co-marketing arrangement where both companies will collaborate on marketing opportunities. You will also be able to have your company logo on Wealthbox’s Partners page.

  1. Get started to tell us about your company, product, and which type of partnership interests you.
  2. If you are building an integration, the Wealthbox product team will get you set up with OAuth credentials to access the Wealthbox API.
  3. You will build an integration to the Wealthbox API and then demo the integration to the Wealthbox team.
  4. To participate in co-marketing opportunities a co-marketing agreement must be completed, which we can provide to you.
  5. Wealthbox will work with you to promote the partnership and educate existing and new users on the benefits of the integration.

Yes, check out our partner blog for some of our past co-marketed webinars and product blog articles with our integration partners.

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