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StratiFi + Wealthbox Webinar

upcoming webinar

How to Win More Clients: Key Technology for Advisors

Thursday, June 24, @ 3:00 PM ET
Join this live webinar to discover the essential steps advisors can take to build a robust prospecting process and how to implement them using the Wealthbox and StratiFi integration. This webinar will specifically address how combining risk analysis with a... more
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upcoming webinar

CRM + Risk Analysis Software: A Webinar on the Integration of Wealthbox + Riskalyze

Wednesday, June 30, @ 2:00 PM ET
Simplicity meets Fearlessness: Join us for this live webinar to learn how the integration between Wealthbox and Riskalyze helps advisors see the big picture of their clients’ risk profiles and portfolio information.
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upcoming webinar

Compliant SMS Texting + CRM: A Webinar on the Integration of MyRepChat + Wealthbox

Wednesday, July 14, @ 2:00 PM ET
The Wealthbox + MyRepChat integration allows you to seamlessly and securely keep track of your SMS messages with your contacts. This integration simplifies the user’s experience and saves you time when communicating with your clients.
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upcoming webinar

CRM and FINRA-Friendly Content Marketing: A Webinar on the Integration of Wealthbox + FMeX

Wednesday, July 28, @ 2:00 PM ET
How do advisors stay in front of clients and prospects with relevant content that they care about? Join the live webinar with Wealthbox and FMeX to see how strategic content marketing integrated with CRM changes the way advisors communicate with... more
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upcoming webinar

Automated Data Gathering + CRM: A Webinar on the Integration of PreciseFP + Wealthbox

Wednesday, August 11, @ 2:00 PM ET
Join us for this live webinar to see how the integration between PreciseFP and Wealthbox saves time via efficient data management and seamless dataflow. Instead of sending long, generic questionnaires, impress clients with form templates that focus on their unique... more
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