10 Questions Advisors Ask Before Switching to Wealthbox

Wealthbox Dashboard Screen on Laptop

1. Why should I switch to Wealthbox?

Wealthbox is simply powerful, and powerfully simple. Its intuitive and delightful user-experience, its modern interface design, and its advanced features and integrations offer the best CRM solution for thousands of financial advisors at firms large and small. And no training classes needed! Wealthbox is CRM you’ll actually enjoy.

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2. Can I try Wealthbox for free before I switch?

Yes, of course! Sign up for a free trial and explore the features of Wealthbox in a self-guided tour. We can also talk on the phone, do a one-on-one demo, and migrate your CRM data. Anything, just ask! It’s all free and easy to do.

Wealthbox 14-Day Free Trial

3. Can I get help from a real person?

Absolutely! When you sign up to try Wealthbox, one of our customer success managers is assigned to your account to answer questions, schedule a demo, and provide assistance when transferring files from Salesforce, Redtail, or Junxure. When you need help, we’re always here.

Amber, Team Wealthbox

4. Will it be easy to transfer my CRM data?

Totally. Migrating your CRM data from Salesforce, Redtail, or Junxure is an easy and secure process. A Wealthbox onboarding specialist will help you with any phone support, data mapping, and CRM file clean-up you might need. It’s free and easy!

Switch from Salesforce, Redtail or Junxure to Wealthbox

5. Will Wealthbox be easy to use?

Definitely. Ease of use for financial advisors is what Wealthbox is all about. The modern, intuitive interface allows you to start using Wealthbox immediately. No training required! Fewer clicks to do everyday actions saves you time. Powerful integrations keep everything in one place. It’s so simple, you can just sign up and go!

Wealtbox, The Official CRM of Simplicity

6. What makes the Wealthbox
“Mail” feature so great?

With Wealthbox Mail your email address syncs to Wealthbox to send and receive messages, create tasks from emails, add new contacts in one click, create templates, track open and click-through rates, and more. Advisors love Wealthbox Mail. It works with all email systems. It’s so sleek. And super productive.

Wealtbox, The Official CRM of Simplicity

7. How does Wealthbox protect
sensitive information?

We apply bank-level security encryption technologies and advanced protection practices at every layer from physical to application and isolate customer applications and data. Our product is even GDPR compliant to further safeguard your data. And Wealthbox is hosted on Amazon Web Services to provide world-class security and uptime performance.

Wealtbox Lock

8. How much is Wealthbox?

$45 per user/month for the Basic plan, $59 per user/month for the Pro plan, and $79 per user/month for the Premier plan, which is the best plan for most firms. Enterprise pricing is also available.

Wealtbox Pricing Table

9. Will I be happy I switched?

Advisors love Wealthbox! So many tell us about their “aha moment” of delight in discovering a CRM that’s as powerful as it is simple to use. Join the thousands of happy advisors who’ve made the switch to Wealthbox. It’s never been easier, and we’re here to help. Get happy: Switch to Wealthbox!

Advisors love Wealthbox!

10. Ok, so what’s the next step to explore
switching to Wealthbox?

Start a free 14-day trial. See for yourself how much better Wealthbox is than Redtail, Junxure, and Salesforce. Once you’re signed in, we can also chat inside Wealthbox, talk on the phone, or schedule a demo. We can also import any CRM data files if you need help. It’s easy, and it’s free. Let’s do this!