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    Wealthbox CRM Brings Simplicity and Social Networking Design to Managing Advisor-Client Relationships

    Financial advisors now have access to the collaborative, social, and outrageously simple design of web-based CRM at

    New York, NY, – Feb. 11, 2014– Client relationships can be complex, managing them doesn’t have to be. Wealthbox CRM announced today that it is ushering in a new era of customer relationship management (CRM) for financial advisors. The clunky complexity of a traditional CRM has been stripped and replaced with a simplified interface design that elevates usability and the social aspect of CRM for advisors. Web-based Wealthbox CRM highlights a social “activity stream” that allows advisors to collaborate internally with their staff and monitor external client and prospect activity coming from social networks and integrated financial apps.

    “Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication” – Leonardo Da Vinci
    Wealthbox CRM offers advisors a robust solution to managing their client relationships – without needing to be a database technician to navigate its daily workflows.

    • Outrageously Simple Design: Wealthbox’s intuitive, user-friendly design reflects the “consumerization” of easy-to-use business productivity software – a unique attribute in financial services CRM. No bloat. No clunkiness. No training required.
    • Full-featured CRM for Advisors: Wealthbox has contact, task, automated workflow, opportunity, calendar and project management modules for advisors to track client activity, collaborate with staff, and build their books of business.
    • Activity Streams: Allows advisors to collaborate on CRM updates in a real-time feed and receive notifications within the firm. Customized activity streams in Wealthbox can also import external data from social networks, financial planning/portfolio services, broker-dealers, custodian enterprises, and financial media publishers.
    • Social Network Integrations: Provides the ability for financial advisors in Wealthbox to view their prospects and clients on social media like Linkedin and Twitter, and import contact names, bios, and headshots for enriched contact management profiles.
    • Telephone and Email Integration: Wealthbox’s click-to-call feature gives an advisor the ability to click a phone number on a client record and instantly receive a call from Wealthbox which then connects the client, and automatically generates an activity record in the notes section. The email dropbox feature allows advisors to use their current email system and maintain compliance with their present email practices while recording all emails within each client record page.
    • Advanced Security: Wealthbox employs the latest techniques and practices to ensure the safety and security of user data. This includes bank-level 256 bit encryption over SSL, two-factor authentication, and session time-out features.
    • CRM Migration Importing: Wealthbox offers automated mapping techniques to import CRM data from competitive CRM systems. Consultation and live helpdesk service is also available to help firms migrate into Wealthbox.
    • Industry Integrations: Wealthbox is integrated with tools advisors use, such as Pershing’s Albridge, Blueleaf, LaserApp and Quik! Form, with many more integrations in development and to be released soon.
    • Free 14-day Trial: Wealthbox offers a free 14-day trial to allow financial advisors to easily sign up with an unlimited number of users. Thereafter, Wealthbox is $29 per month/user. No minimum users. No long-term contracts. Pay-as-you-go. Easy data portability into and out of Wealthbox.

    Wealthbox is designed for offices with a solo practitioner as well as groups of advisors and their assistants. A full-featured companion mobile app is available for iPhone, iPad, and Android users and is free of charge.

    Said Jason Wenk, a private-beta user of Wealthbox and President of Retirement Wealth Advisors, Inc., “Holy cow! Wealthbox is awesomely simple to use and is a seriously powerful workspace for our rapidly growing RIA firm. The social collaboration and team dynamics are amazing.”

    Financial advisors interested in a demonstration of Wealthbox can visit the Gotham Tech Labs booth #513 at the Techonology Tools for Today Conference in Anahiem, California, January 10-12, or by visiting the Wealthbox site at for an instant signup and free trial.

    About Wealthbox CRM

    Wealthbox CRM is designed, developed and operated by Gotham Tech Labs, Inc. , based in New York City. The company is developing a suite of complementary apps that connect investors with financial professionals including Wealthbase an inbound marketing network for financial advisors. To learn more about Wealthbox, visit

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