Administrative Controls

Multi-Account Admin

Bringing on new teams of advisors? Administrate with ease.

Monitor remote team activity from the office and collaborate with advisor teams and staff. The simple drop-down menu allows the home office to switch between different firms’ workspaces, providing flexible data management for centralized offices and distributed teams.

User Management & Permissions

Wealthbox has its privileges.

Wealthbox is designed with various personas that reflect how financial advisors deploy, manage, and operate CRM systems. Permissioning and administrative privileges are easy to configure.


Set up Wealthbox to work the way you do.

Everyone's practice operates a little differently. Wealthbox has a range of customizable options to allow you to get the most out of CRM.

Data Portability

Easy in, easy out. We make it simple to start or end using Wealthbox CRM.

It’s your data, not ours, and you should be free to easily import and export as you please. We will never lock you in and we have tools that facilitate migrations to and from Wealthbox.

Restful API

Build deep integrations with your systems through our API.

Fully-featured RESTful API allows your programmers to interface to Wealthbox in a simple, secure, modern way. Access the API in both JSON and XML formats.

Wealthbox API image

Upgrade to Wealthbox

See for yourself why so many advisors easily switch to Wealthbox.

Amber, Team Wealthbox