Advanced Reports

Reports Engine

Advanced CRM Reporting

Wealthbox is built with a powerful yet simple to use "reports engine" that allows advisors to dynamically generate and save customized CRM reports for better analytical insight into their practice. Users can create templates - with multiple and various "criteria patterns" - and run their own customized reports on-demand to dig deeper in the underlying data for analysis. Easy exporting to Excel/CSV and made available to print, too.

A stacked chart showing opportunities by advisor and stage in Wealthbox.

Charts & Graphs

Visualize Report Data with Ease

Get even more value from your Wealthbox report data by generating powerful visualizations - including bar, column, line, funnel, and donut charts.

Customizable Dashboards

Business Insights at Your Fingertips

Create and share custom dashboards to view your firm's key metrics in an instant and keep your colleagues informed.

Customizable Dashboards in Wealthbox

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Amber, Team Wealthbox