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Anasova is a lead generation platform where advisors can define lead criteria using filters, set pricing through competitive bids, and seamlessly manage leads with the flexibility to pause, modify, or cancel at any time. The integration with Wealthbox allows advisors to create a new contact in Wealthbox from a newly secured lead in Anasova. Additionally, Anasova will create a comprehensive summary in the form of a note inclusive of 50 different data points. Advisors can then tag leads for specific campaigns and follow up methods.

“Our seamless integration with Wealthbox gives advisors access to unparalleled lead information. Anasova's advanced filtering system ensures leads match exact criteria, and the bidding feature lets advisors set the ideal price for every lead type. This integration empowers advisors to make informed decisions and fosters efficient lead management.”

Tom Anderson

CEO, Anasova

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