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Modern CRM integrated with a data syncing platform across an advisor’s tech stack.


Dispatch, wealth-tech’s first and only data orchestration company, syncs client data silently across an advisor’s tech stack operating in the background behind existing tools. Advisory firms using Dispatch can quickly add new advisors, automate client onboarding, and digitally open accounts. Advisors using the bi-directional data sync between Wealthbox and Dispatch can sync client data between the two platforms in addition to other connected software systems.

Please note, phase one of this integration is only available to larger enterprise advisory firms but there are plans to make the integration available to all advisors in the future.

“The CRM is one of the most critical pieces of the advisor tech stack. By partnering with Wealthbox, Dispatch users will be able to automate client data collection and maintenance.”

Madalyn Armjio

COO at Dispatch

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