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Modern CRM integrated with AI note-taking to simplify client communication


FinMate is an AI-driven note-taking tool for financial professionals. It streamlines the note-taking process across various meeting types, including Discovery and Review sessions, offering deep insights into client moods and preferences. With the FinMate integration, advisors can enable seamless note-sharing directly to the Client Record page in Wealthbox from the client page, enhancing meeting efficiency. This integration allows advisors to optimize client engagement and deliver personalized financial advice.

FinMate AI meeting notes are automatically created in Wealthbox Contact Records.Meeting notes sent from FinMate AI are automatically added as notes in the Wealthbox Contact Record.

“We hope to save clients even more time and energy by having FinMate AI notes seamlessly integrated to Wealthbox CRM.”

Daniel Yoo

Founder, FinMate AI

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