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Modern CRM integrated with referral management software to streamline the referral process.


ReferTrac is a referral management software, that streamlines and automates referral process for financial institutions and financial advisors. ReferTrac provides customized referral forms, referral tracking, automated reporting and more. The integration between Wealthbox and ReferTrac eliminates duplicate data entry by syncing prospect data across both platforms. Based on ReferTrac data, opportunities are created within Wealthbox to track referral progress and outcomes. Tags are also generated on a contact record within Wealthbox to show which referrals have been qualified.


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“The integration between ReferTrac and Wealthbox is a powerful way for Wealth Management groups in Financial Institutions to sync, track and report on referrals. This empowers Advisors in Banks and Credit Unions to grow an effective referral program.”

Jeremy Tyler

CEO, ReferTrac

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