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White Swan is a digital brokerage platform that gives advisors the ability to offer life insurance products through an easy-to-use digital experience that adheres to high best-interest standards. The integration between Wealthbox and White Swan allows advisors to import contacts from Wealthbox and start requests for custom life insurance plans. These plans can be shared in seconds or filled out by advisors on behalf of their clients. Requests, case progress, and earning events are also automatically noted in both Wealthbox and the White Swan dashboards.


Blog Post

“We’re thrilled to launch the White Swan integration with Wealthbox, empowering wealth managers to seamlessly offer any type of life insurance products to their clients with high best-interest standards. Combine the powers of Wealthbox with White Swan to complement your existing offerings and create a new revenue stream.”

Pontus Lagerberg

CEO of White Swan

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