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Top 10 Reasons Advisors Switch from Redtail to Wealthbox

1. Simple Onboarding

Switching from Redtail to Wealthbox is super easy. Advisors can simply “sign up and go” to start using Wealthbox immediately. Free data migration and a dedicated onboarding representative help make it a simple – and fast – switch.

2. Beautiful Interface

Widely known for its elegant design, Wealthbox’s sleek interface is modern, intuitive, and efficient in its usability. It makes a big difference in the user experience for advisors. Wealthbox is sign-up-and-go simplicity, and unlike Redtail, there’s no training required! 🎉

3. Powerful Features & Integrations

Wealthbox is an advanced and full-featured CRM product designed for financial advisors. Contacts, tasks, workflows, calendar, reports, and more — it’s all here to help you grow. Integrations with industry custodians and wealth-tech partners ensure Wealthbox is your central hub to manage your practice.

4. Collaborative Activity Stream

Wealthbox’s social network-style activity stream on the dashboard allows advisors to quickly post CRM updates such as new contacts, tasks, and workflow assignments. You can notify coworkers, comment on activity, and collaborate like never before. It’s like a private social network for your team.

“We moved over from Redtail to Wealthbox and have never looked back. We love all the integrations and ease of use.”

—Babette Switzer, Provident Wealth Advisors

5. Email Sync with Wealthbox Mail

The difference between Redtail and Wealthbox email integrations is night-and-day. Wealthbox actually fuses CRM with email functionality in Wealthbox Mail. This two-way sync connects your inbox, letting you manage your emails all in one place without leaving Wealthbox. Client emails can be viewed on the contact record page, and you can even add multiple client email addresses (personal, business) to the same contact record.

6. Flexible Workflows

Goodbye complexity, hello simplicity! Creating a workflow template in Wealthbox is as simple as making a list. You can also add conditional logic to workflow sequences for added flexibility. It’s simple to set up and easy to follow the steps, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.

7. The Highest-Rated Mobile App in Advisor CRM

Enjoy the highest-rated mobile app in wealth-tech – from Wealthbox. Look up contacts, enter notes, schedule meetings, and see what’s happening at the office in the activity stream. The Wealthbox mobile app is fully synced with your web-based Wealthbox account.

8. Workspaces for Teams

The “home office” of advisor networks can manage their remote teams with separate Wealthbox workspaces. The easy drop-down menu allows you to switch into different workspaces to collaborate with separate groups. Create customized templates for automated workflows and publish them to each CRM workspace to establish standardized practices that help grow your business.

9. Amazing Support

We’re here when you need us! Connect by telephone, screen-sharing, or email with our responsive and friendly support team. Wealthbox also has a knowledge base, video tutorials, and daily webinars to answer questions.

10. 10,000+ Redtail Defectors

Join the club. You’ll be in good company with over 10,000 financial advisors who’ve made the switch from Redtail to Wealthbox. More join every day! Switching is fast and easy with our onboarding specialists and secure data migration system. Let’s do this!

What advisors are saying

“Wealthbox is a breath of fresh air for 20 users at our firm. We used Redtail before, but it was bloated, click-intensive, and clunky.”

—Katherine Vessenes, MD Financial Advisors

“I worked at two big wirehouses and used Salesforce and Redtail, they don’t even come close to the simplicity and intuitiveness of Wealthbox.”

—Curtis Pritchard, Wexford Wealth Advisors

“We switched from Redtail to Wealthbox, and I’m very impressed. The Wealthbox interface is really elegant like an iPhone. Very excited about Wealthbox, it’s a game changer.”

—Eric Negron, Forefront Wealth Partners

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