7 Reasons Why Advisors Get Angry at Their CRM

Some CRM vendors tout their product’s user experience to manage client relationships to be one of magic, joy, and beauty – like a pretty pink unicorn! But when a CRM system fails advisors, they can get raving mad – like an angry pink unicorn!

As a maker of modern CRM technology, team Wealthbox hears many angry comments from advisors about their previous CRM system. They run the gamut of dissatisfaction. Let’s take a look at the most common reasons why many advisors get furious with their CRM and make the switch to Wealthbox.

1. It’s hard to use

“Clunky” and “bloated” are common descriptions by advisors about some CRMs that can tick off advisors. The user experience is poor and ultimately costly in the amount of wasted time it takes to do everyday actions in the CRM. The end result is low adoption of the firm’s CRM.

2. Old-school interface

“I’m a financial advisor, not a data-entry clerk!” says an annoyed advisor when leaving an old-school, poorly designed CRM with a dreary interface. Design elegance and beauty matter in modern CRM software.

3. It requires training

Old-school CRMs have steep learning curves, and it drives advisors crazy that training classes are required to learn them. Some CRMs even require a full-time administrator to keep them working properly. “I’d rather figure out my clients than spend time figuring out my CRM!” an advisor told us.

4. It’s dehumanizing

Many CRMs lack modern social design for advisor teams to collaborate and get work done with humanized activity streams, notifications, and even socially expressive emojis. Says one Wealthbox switcher: “My previous vendor calls their CRM product a ‘database’ and I love how Wealthbox calls its product a ‘workspace.’ That’s very telling.”

5. Poor performance

Buggy, poorly engineered CRM software that regularly crashes from server failure annoys advisors. Down time is a big time problem. “The frequent display of the ‘500 error page’ shouldn’t be part of a CRM user experience!” says one advisor, echoing the sentiment of many.

6. Apples & oranges feature comparisons

Millions of dollars have been wasted on failed implementations of CRM. Sometimes those spiffy comparison checklists of CRM features touted by vendors don’t translate well for end-users. “I should have actually used the CRM system instead of reading a checklist of features” gripes an advisor.

7. Hidden pricing

Beyond a CRM vendor’s pricing page, there are often unseen, expensive costs like training, implementation, administration, and extra add-ons to the product. “When you add these extra product costs, in addition to the productivity cost of low adoption in not using the CRM, it’s a serious issue!” an angry advisor told us.

Does your CRM make you angry?

Get happy with Wealthbox!

Does your CRM make you angry?

Get happy with Wealthbox!