We switched
to Wealthbox.”

— Rosa Chalekian

Lake Avenue Financial

Financial advisory firms are switching to Wealthbox CRM.

Rosa Chalekian, Lake Avenue Financial

7 Reasons Why Lake Avenue Financial Switched to Wealthbox CRM

As the VP of Operations at Lake Avenue Financial, a fast-growing RIA in Pasadena, California, Rosa Chalekian is at the hub of organizing the firm’s day-to-day activity - similar to the way CRM technology is at the hub of the firm’s digital practice. Indeed, Rosa, with her business partner and husband, CEO Alex Chalekian, presides over the firm’s chosen CRM technology: Wealthbox.

Lake Avenue Financial“Over the years, particularly when our firm was acquiring other practices, we tried various CRM systems and weren’t happy with them,” says Rosa. But then Rosa and Alex and the growing team at Lake Avenue Financial discovered Wealthbox CRM and standardized on it.

As power users of CRM to manage their advisory practice, we asked the Lake Avenue Financial team about the reasons on why they ultimately switched to Wealthbox CRM.

Why Lake Avenue Financial
switched to Wealthbox CRM

1 Amazing Usability

“Intuitive” is the word that comes up among the team at Lake Avenue Financial for Wealthbox. “We didn’t need to pay for any training classes to learn how to use Wealthbox,” says Rosa. “When you see the interface for the first time, you know exactly what to do.”

2 Powerful Features

For Lake Avenue Financial, CRM is the critical component of their software stack to run their operations. “We need advanced CRM features and integrations, and Wealthbox has what we need,” says Alex Chalekian, CEO of the firm. “We need full-featured CRM, and Wealthbox delivers.”

Alex Chalekian, CEO, Lake Avenue Financial

3 A Stunning Interface

“We’re looking at our CRM screens all day long,” says Rosa. “Wealthbox has a clean design that’s beautiful to look at and easy to use. Great style and nice design makes a positive difference in a workday.”

4 CRM + Email Nirvana

Hilda Balabanian

“CRM and email work together so beautifully in Wealthbox,” says Hilda Balabanian, Client Services Manager at Lake Avenue Financial. “Everything is in one place, and it’s super productive in getting work done.”

5 Team Collaboration

For Lake Avenue Financial, Wealthbox’s social network-style “activity stream” was a key feature in making the switch. “It’s like a private, internal social network, and everyone on the team can stay in the loop with what’s happening in our firm,” says Hilda. “We love being able to easily post client notes from the dashboard and share coworker notifications, “like” and make comments, add emojis, and even monitor the life events of our clients on external social networks.

6 Easy Data Migration

Making a switch to a new CRM is often perceived as daunting for advisors, but that wasn’t the case for Lake Avenue Financial when switching to Wealthbox. Automation tools for data transfer and live customer support make it simple and quick. “The CRM data transfer from our previous CRMs to Wealthbox was easy,” says Rosa.

Switch from Salesforce, Redtail or Junxure to Wealthbox

7 Great Support

“The Wealthbox support team is amazing,” says Rosa. “They’re quick to respond, knowledgeable, and super friendly.” Adds Alex, “The team at Wealthbox has built their product based on advisor feedback from people like me. They really listen to the voice of their customers.”

Wealthbox Sticker on Laptop

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