4 Easy Steps for Implementing Human-First Client Discovery

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The essence of a human-first discovery process is to accurately identify your client’s unique characteristics in a way that is transparent and respectful to the client. In this session, Ashley Quamme and Sarah Fallaw from DataPoints, along with Jenna Ghibaudy from Wealthbox will provide you with four steps to seamlessly implement behavioral assessments into your firm’s client discovery process in a way that puts the client first.

This webinar will cover:

  1. Promoting the use of behavioral assessments with prospective clients.
  2. Evaluating reports to identify essential topics for discussion and guidance.
  3. Clarifying results with clients while using the results to facilitate in-depth, money-related conversations.
  4. Integrating tests into coaching and ongoing client experience.
  5. Using Wealthbox CRM to manage and track client interactions and assessment results efficiently.


Ashley Quamme

Founder of Beyond the Plan

Head of Advisor Training for Trove

Sarah Fallaw



Jenna Ghibaudy

Product Specialist


“With the DataPoints integration with Wealthbox, advisors can easily add the psychology of financial planning to workflows and communication, thereby personalizing each client interaction based on investor personality, money attitudes, and client money scripts.”

Sarah Stanley Fallaw

Founder & President at DataPoints

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