Helping Clients Navigate a High Interest Rate Environment

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In our high-interest rate environment, it’s crucial to adapt and optimize financial strategies accordingly. 

Join Wealthbox and Max to learn how to optimize returns on clients’ held-away cash, navigate high-interest rate environments, and leverage CRM tools for financial strategies. Practical strategies and industry insights will be explored to help advisors make informed decisions.

This webinar covers:

  1. How advisors can help clients earn more on their cash reserves, and why it’s important.
  2. How to implement essential strategies to navigate a high-interest rate environment, optimize investment portfolios, and maximize client outcomes.
  3. How advisors use CRM best practices to streamline communication and implement cash management strategies, enhancing advisor-client interactions and operational efficiency.
  4. How cash management tools capitalize on opportunities presented by changing interest rate dynamics.


Michael Halloran

Head of Business Development


Chris Kopanski

Sr. Product Specialist


“With the Wealthbox integration, it's easy for advisors to help clients earn on their cash, while keeping safe in the client's own FDIC-insured accounts.”

Michael Halloran

Head of Business Development and Partnerships, Max

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