How Advisors Can Double Their Client Base with Short-Form Video Marketing

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With 244 million US viewers dedicating an average of 17 hours weekly to short-form video content*, advisors have a significant opportunity to engage both current and potential clients. Join Wealthbox and N2 experts Nate Hoskin, CFP® and Nick Meyer, CFP® for exclusive insights into how advisors can grow their client base through short-form video content. This webinar will cover:

  1. How advisors can harness short-form video content to attract new leads effectively.
  2. Expert tips for optimizing social media profiles.
  3. Essential tools to kickstart and manage video content creation.
  4. Best practices from preproduction to posting for compelling content creation.
  5. Leveraging Wealthbox reporting to generate target market segments.

*According to WyzeOwl Social Media Report 2022 


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N2 Content Marketing

Nick Meyer


N2 Content Marketing

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