How Advisors Rapidly Increase their Organic Growth Rate During M&A

Thursday, May 30, 2024 at 2:00 PM ET

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Organic growth rate is the #1 factor in valuing a firm during the M&A process. Even a small increase in growth can have a big impact on a firm’s value, and help achieve a successful exit. Join Snappy Kraken and Wealthbox for a webinar on the best practices to increase your firm’s organic growth, refine marketing positioning, and capitalize on sustainable expansion opportunities. This webinar will cover:

  1. How to seamlessly integrate M&A activities with your existing organic growth initiatives
  2. Strategies to boost your organic growth rate and how this can impact your firm’s value (even a couple percentage points make a big difference here)
  3. How Wealthbox Dashboards improve win rates by providing comprehensive insights into lead behavior, engagement metrics, and conversion outcomes
  4. How to leverage tools like Snappy Kraken and Wealthbox to drive strong growth results without increasing your workload or hiring a new team member


Robert J. Sofia

Cofounder, Chairman & CEO

Snappy Kraken

Emily Blue


Hue Partners

Jy Corbett

Managing Director


“When it comes to marketing, making use of your contact lists is paramount. That is why we're excited to have the Wealthbox integration, making it easy to sync contacts directly from Wealthbox within Snappy Kraken.”

Brad DeLoatche

Chief Product Officer and Founder, Snappy Kraken