How Advisors Use DataPoints and Wealthbox to Understand Financial Mindsets

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Watch this previously recorded live webinar to see how the DataPoints + Wealthbox integration helps advisors understand client money mindset and bestow better decision-making advice. This webinar will cover:

  1. How DataPoints’ tests and financial psychology tools provide advisors with insights needed to help clients grow wealth over time.
  2. How Wealthbox’s “social CRM” product design allows advisors to collaborate as a team and manage client relationships like never before.
  3. How the integration with Wealthbox allows advisors to import financial personality, attitudes, risk tolerance, and other behavioral assessment results from DataPoints into Wealthbox.
  4. The benefits of the DataPoints and Wealthbox integration, and how to get started with ease.


Sarah Fallaw



Jenna Ghibaudy

Product Specialist


“With the DataPoints integration with Wealthbox, advisors can easily add the psychology of financial planning to workflows and communication, thereby personalizing each client interaction based on investor personality, money attitudes, and client money scripts.”

Sarah Stanley Fallaw

Founder & President at DataPoints

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