How Advisors Use the Smart Kx + Wealthbox Integration to Expedite Revenue Collection

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Join us for a previously recorded live webinar to see how advisors use the Smart Kx + Wealthbox integration to streamline their onboarding process by converting prospects faster and expediting their revenue collection methods for quicker returns. This webinar will cover:

  1. How Smart Kx helps advisors expedite the new client onboarding process and how new revenue collection methods allow advisors to be paid within seconds instead of weeks. 
  2. How Wealthbox’s “social CRM” product design allows advisors to collaborate as a team and manage client relationships like never before.
  3. How the bidirectional integration between Smart Kx and Wealthbox allows advisors to use client record data from Wealthbox to kickstart a client contract in Smart Kx and initiate corresponding workflows in Wealthbox.
  4. The benefits of the Smart Kx and Wealthbox integration, and how to get started with ease.


Lacey Shrum


Smart Kx

Jenna Ghibaudy

Product Specialist


“With Wealthbox + Smart Kx, advisors can finalize their client documents with information directly from Wealthbox and collect the new client’s signature immediately,” said Lacey Shrum, Founder of Smart Kx. “This integration helps advisors move from a prospect’s ‘yes’ to revenue in seconds rather than days.”

Lacey Shrum

Founder, Smart Kx

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