How Advisors Use Wealthbox + Atlas Point to Apply Behavioral Finance

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Watch this live webinar to see how the Wealthbox + Atlas Point integration makes accessing and applying behavioral finance easy. This webinar will cover:
  1. How Atlas Point’s technology provides advisors with a better way to understand their clients’ fears and behaviors through psychology-backed insights, resulting in more personalized client communication.
  2. How Wealthbox’s “social CRM” product design allows advisors to collaborate as a team and manage client relationships like never before.
  3. How the integration between Wealthbox and Atlas Point connects personas and behavioral biases uncovered with Atlas Point’s Financial VirtuesTM behavioral survey to existing Wealthbox contacts.
  4. The benefits of the Wealthbox and Atlas Point integration, and how to get started with ease.


Kenny Mobley

Co-founder and COO

Atlas Point

Chris Kopanski

Sr. Product Specialist


“Atlas Point is excited to partner with Wealthbox to make accessing and applying our client-ready behavioral survey easy. Integrating with Wealthbox’s easy to use interface helps us achieve our goal of making financial conversations more personal and personalized.”

Kenny Mobley

Co-founder & COO, Atlas Point

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