How Advisors Use Wealthbox + Unitifi to Strengthen Client Relationships

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Join us for a previously recorded live webinar to see how advisors who use Wealthbox can take advantage of Unitifi’s assessments to understand more about their clients’ financial personalities, decision-making styles, and risk behaviors, resulting in stronger relationships and client retention. This webinar will cover:

  1. How Unitifi’s behavioral assessment results provide advisors with general insights and guidance based on client responses. 
  2. How Wealthbox’s “social CRM” product design allows advisors to collaborate as a team and manage client relationships like never before.
  3. How the integration allows advisors to access Unitifi assessment results within contact records in Wealthbox and forward them to their clients via email.
  4. The benefits of the Unitifi and Wealthbox integration, and how to get started with ease.


Jerry Szatko



Chris Kopanski

Sr. Product Specialist


“We’ve integrated our service with Wealthbox due to their focus on creating a modern, robust, and easy-to-use CRM for financial advisors. Having our assessment results and communication tips readily available within Wealthbox helps advisors effectively know their clients better.”

Jerry Szatko

CEO, Unitifi

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