How Wealthbox Users Gain Operational Efficiency to Increase Productivity and AUM

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Every advisor strives to scale their AUM, however, wanting to grow AUM and actually doing it are two different stories. Join us for a previously recorded live webinar to see how advisory firm leaders like Rachel Daniels from Avidian Wealth use Wealthbox to achieve operational efficiency, resulting in increased productivity and AUM growth. This webinar will cover:

  1. The CRM best practices every advisor should be using to streamline business operations.
  2. The benefits of Wealthbox features like Workflows, Tasks, and contact roles, and how advisors who use these features run more efficient firms.
  3. How Avidian Wealth rapidly increased AUM via CRM processes.
  4. The benefits of Wealthbox CRM and how to get started with ease.


Jomin Bishop

VP of Enterprise Sales


Jy Corbett

Managing Director


Rachel Daniels

Director of Operations


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