Optimizing Client Engagement with Wealthbox + fpPathfinder

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Involving clients in the planning process allows advisors to build stronger relationships, gain deeper insights into clients’ goals and preferences, and ultimately provide more tailored and effective advice. Engaged clients are more likely to stay committed to their financial plans, resulting in better outcomes and increased satisfaction for both clients and advisors. 

Join fpPathfinder and Wealthbox for a previously recorded live webinar on client engagement best practices to demonstrate your value and enhance your financial advisory practice.

This webinar will cover:

  1. What client engagement entails and why it’s essential for building trust and long-lasting connections with your clients.
  2. An overview of proven strategies designed to captivate clients’ interest, deepen relationships, and foster a sense of partnership and trust.
  3. How CRM bolsters client engagement by simplifying communication, tracking interactions, and tailoring experiences to individual preferences.
  4. The impact of white-labeled checklists, flowcharts, and summary guides in propelling client engagement forward.



Stacia Waren

Member Experience Manager


Jim Carlson

Carlson Planning

Andrew Ladwig

Director of Business Development


“fpPathfinder's partnership with Wealthbox allows advisors to quickly provide advice to their clients and ensure they are not missing a major planning issue.”

Michael Lecours

Co-Founder of fpPathfinder

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