Repurposing Existing Annuities to Meet Goals in a Financial Plan

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Most advisors know the feeling when a client or prospective client walks into a meeting with an existing annuity or life insurance policy that were sold to them by a previous advisor or a friend. 

This session starts with a high-level review of annuity product categories, and takes attendees through various strategies that can be implemented when looking to repurpose legacy policies to reduce costs and help satisfy long-term goals in their client’s financial plan. This previously recorded webinar will cover:

  1. Review annuity product categories and identity when it may be appropriate to explore moving a clients’ existing annuities into a different solution through a 1035 exchange and how to do it.
  2. Decide when and how to consider a competitive fixed rate strategy as an alternative to bonds for conservative clients.
  3. Learn to locate inefficiencies so to minimize large tax liabilities for a beneficiary through a tax-efficient spin-down strategy


*This webinar was eligible for one CFP CE credit. Attendance for the entire live event was required for credit.


Jonathan Barth

Regional VP, Member Success

DPL Financial Partners

Andrew Ladwig

Director of Business Development


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