Strategies to Navigate Change and Enhance Client Experiences

Thursday, Apr 25, 2024 at 2:00 PM ET

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Growing your advisory practice while navigating changes can be challenging, but it’s essential for long-term success. In this webinar, we’ll address the real hurdle of change fatigue and share five techniques to lower fatigue, expand critical thinking, gain buy-in to changes, and accelerate growth. 

Join Jenifer Goldman from My Virtual COO and Chris Kopanski from Wealthbox for a webinar on improving internal operations and enhancing the client experience. 

This webinar will cover:

  1. Techniques to mitigate change fatigue within your team and keep them energized and retained during periods of growth and transition.
  2. Strategies for expanding critical thinking skills within your team to adapt to changes effectively and proactively identify opportunities for improvement.
  3. How to optimize Wealthbox workflows and streamline operations by continuously refining processes and activating integrations for time-saving benefits.


Chris Kopanski

Sr. Product Specialist


Jen Goldman

CFP® and Business Transformer

My Virtual COO