Streamlining Client Collaboration with Wealthbox + Knudge

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Streamlining client collaboration is essential for modern advisory firms looking to save time on administrative tasks, enhance efficiency, and build stronger client relationships. Join Wealthbox  + Knudge for a previously recorded webinar that provides advisors with the tools and strategies to optimize workflow efficiency and cultivate more meaningful client interactions. 

This webinar covered:

  1. How to efficiently manage shared to-do lists and automate client follow-ups.
  2. How syncing contact details enhance client communication and relationship management.
  3. The power of CRM for efficient data management and optimized management processes.


Dan Rooker


SLP Wealth

Jay DeVivo

Head of Operations & Customer Success


Andrew Ladwig

Director of Business Development


“We’ve had a great experience working with Wealthbox to build out this integration. Advisors on the Wealthbox platform can now seamlessly connect their CRM to the Knudge app where they can create a list of tasks for their clients to take action.”

Shaun Erickson

CFP® Co-Founder, Knudge

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