The Great Debate: Goal-Based vs. Cash Flow Planning

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Watch this previously recorded live webinar with MoneyGuide as we discuss how two different planning philosophies, cash-flow and goal-based, can be used in the financial planning process. We’ll review the potential benefits and considerations of each approach to ultimately determine which may be most beneficial to individual clients. This webinar will cover:

  1. How to identify characteristics of cash-flow and goal-based theory.
  2. How to evaluate the impacts each philosophy has on the data gathering process.
  3. How to analyze the ability to meet long term financial obligations and measure the impact of financial strategies on the plan.
  4. How to select appropriate counseling and communication techniques for use with individual client.
  5. How to use software to illustrate recommendation development using each theory.


Jerry Varela

Lead Trainer


Tom Via

Lead Trainer


Andrew Ladwig

Director of Business Development


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