Why Understanding Risk Can Drive Financial Wellness

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Join StratiFi and Wealthbox for a previously recorded live webinar to learn about the important role risk plays when advising clients and how CRM can help. This webinar will cover:

  1. What the most important discussions about risk are and when they should be applied.
  2. How different risk factors can promote different outcomes and when advisors should communicate them with clients.
  3. The importance of including risk in decision making and how the integration between StratiFi and Wealthbox can help streamline that process.


Akhil Lodha

Founder & CEO


Chris Kopanski

Sr. Product Specialist


“We are excited to work with Wealthbox in bringing our mutual best-of-breed technologies together. A CRM system combined with a risk management system creates a very efficient process for advisors to review risks with their clients and prospects. This integration enables advisors to easily offer on-going risk analysis as a key component of their practice.”

Akhil Lodha

CEO of Stratifi

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