Workflow Webinar: Expedite Account Openings with Altruist + Wealthbox

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Join Wealthbox + Altruist to demo the Altruist New Account Opening workflow template inside Wealthbox. Learn how this workflow expedites opening a new account. This webinar will cover: 

  1. An overview of Workflow functionality and Workflow Libraries in Wealthbox.
  2. How advisors can duplicate and edit existing workflows and create and edit workflow templates in Wealthbox.
  3. How to use Altruist’s New Account Opening workflow template to streamline opening a new account.
  4. Getting started with the Altruist New Account Opening workflow template in Wealthbox.


Ted Zhang

Group Product Manager


Jenna Ghibaudy

Product Specialist


“Partnering with Wealthbox is a direct result of listening to advisors' needs. Our collaboration with Wealthbox allows advisors to serve their customers better, improving client experiences while saving both time and money.”

Jason Wenk

CEO of Altruist

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