Workflow Webinar: Maximize Productivity with Nitrogen

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Join Wealthbox + Nitrogen for a deep dive into the Nitrogen Prospect/Client Meeting Prep workflow. Learn how this workflow equips advisors with essential tools for client meetings, such as synced assets, risk tolerance questionnaires, and check-ins. This webinar will cover: 

  1. An overview of Workflow functionality and Workflow Libraries in Wealthbox.
  2. How advisors can duplicate and edit existing workflows and create and edit workflow templates in Wealthbox.
  3. How to use Nitrogen’s Prospect/Client Meeting Prep workflow to prepare for upcoming meetings.
  4. Getting started with the Nitrogen Prospect/Client Meeting Prep workflow in Wealthbox.


Chris Quandt

Success Engagement Manager


Chris Kopanski

Sr. Product Specialist


“Simplicity in the relationship management experience of Wealthbox combined with the fearlessness in the investing experience made possible by Nitrogen is a big win for advisors and their clients.”

Steve Carroll

Head of Product at Wealthbox

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