Workflows Week Day 2: Bento Engine and Trust & Will

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As Workflows Week continues, we’re thrilled to be joined by Bento Engine and Trust & Will for a previously recorded webinar showcasing their innovative workflows tailored around significant milestones in a client’s life. Join us as we dive into practical demonstrations of how these client-centric workflows can transform your advisory practice, guiding you through key moments such as coming of age and estate planning efficiently.

This webinar will cover:

Bento Engine Workflow in Wealthbox

  1. How advisors use Bento Engine’s Working Age workflow to efficiently engage and serve the next generation of clients’ families, starting when children need their first working papers at age 14.
  2. How this workflow streamlines client interactions and enhances advisor-client relationships.

Trust & Will Workflow in Wealthbox

  1. How firms use Trust & Will’s Estate Planning workflow template to simplify the estate planning process.
  2. How this workflow simplifies complex processes, improves client satisfaction, and ensures comprehensive estate planning solutions.


Andres Mazabel

Head of Advisor Sales

Trust & Will

Stephanie Dannebaum

Founder & Principal CRM Consultant

Stephanie Dannebaum Consulting

Philipp Hecker


Bento Engine

Chris Kopanski

Sr. Product Specialist


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