Workflows Week Day 1: Wealthbox Workflow Libraries + Altruist Workflow

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Kick-off Workflows Week right by starting with the basics! In session one, join Chris Kopanski, Sr. Product Specialist at Wealthbox, for a previously recorded webinar to discover where to find the Workflow libraries in Wealthbox and see Wealthbox Workflows in action.

Then, Ted Zhang will join us for our first partner workflow of the week when Altruist dives into their New Account Opening workflow in Wealthbox during the second half of the webinar.

This webinar will cover:

Wealthbox Workflow Library

  1. An overview of Workflow functionality and Workflow Libraries in Wealthbox.
  2. How to customize templates to suit your practice’s needs and create a workflow from scratch.

Altruist Workflow in Wealthbox

  1. How to use Altruist’s New Account Opening workflow template to streamline opening a new account.
  2. Exploring the seamless integration of Altruist’s workflow with Wealthbox for enhanced efficiency in account management.


Ted Zhang

Group Product Manager


Chris Kopanski

Sr. Product Specialist


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