Workflows Week Day 3: Simplicity Ops and Smart Kx

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In this previously recorded webinar, we’re diving deep into the world of workflow simplicity with two powerful tools: Simplicity Ops and Smart Kx. Join us as we explore how these workflows transform how advisors streamline essential administrative processes and engage more intentionally with their clients.

From billing clients to maintaining a clean CRM, discover how Simplicity Ops and Smart Kx are revolutionizing firm operations and enhancing productivity.

This webinar will cover:

Simplicity Ops Workflow in Wealthbox

  1. How firms are using Simplicity Ops’ Quarterly CRM Maintenance workflow template to keep their data clean and efficient.
  2. Exploring additional features of Simplicity Ops workflow templates for improving client communication and task management.

Smart Kx Workflow in Wealthbox

  1. How advisors use Smart Kx’s Pre-Billing workflow to expedite their billing processes.
  2. How advisors who use this workflow will have the ability to streamline their billing through adequate prep work so they can focus more time on their clients and less time on administrative logistics.


Lacey Shrum


Smart Kx

Kate Guillen

Founder & Lead Coach

Simplicity Ops

Chris Kopanski

Sr. Product Specialist


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