Contact Management

Contact record page

See the full picture of your clients.

Stop squinting in a sea of data. With an easy-to-view layout and a quick note-taking interface, you can keep track of all phone calls, emails, files, and financial information.


Get a client on the phone in one click.

Save time and be productive. Just click on a contact's phone number in Wealthbox and our system calls out to you and your contact for an instant telephone call.

Email Dropbox

Store all emails between you and your clients.

You can send, forward, and Bcc all emails to your private Wealthbox email dropbox address and they'll connect to the right contact record page of specific contacts in your account.

Custom Fields

Create customized data fields to capture whatever you want.

In Wealthbox you can set up special fields, text dates, and checkboxes based on your business requirements. Drag-and-drop the order of your custom fields inputs with ease.


Easily group your prospects and clients.

Tag and group your contacts with ease in Wealthbox. Combined with advanced filtering features, tagging allows you to find and communicate with your prospects and clients more effectively.


Wealthbox lets you easily determine who can see what.

For each contact, task, calendar event, and opportunity in Wealthbox, you're able to specify who can see and access this data.

Advanced Search & Filtering

Discover who else you can see on that trip to Elmira.

Wealthbox’s tagging, grouping, filtering and auto-suggest features make searching for contacts a breeze. Easy export to CSV files, too.

Upgrade to Wealthbox

See for yourself why so many advisors easily switch to Wealthbox.

Amber, Team Wealthbox