Wealthbox Mail

Two-way sync

Your inbox in Wealthbox

Wealthbox Mail provides a two-way sync with your inbox, letting you send and receive emails without leaving Wealthbox.

Email-to-crm actions

Tasks and workflows from email

In an email, you can create a task, schedule an event, start a workflow, create an opportunity, or set a reminder that links to related CRM components in Wealthbox.

Individual and shared accounts

Easier workspace collaboration

Your advisor teams can add a shared email address, such as Contact@CompanyName.com, for easier visibility and collaboration among teams.

Broadcast email send

Bulk templated emails

Select multiple contacts grouped by tags and send a broadcast email template to schedule a meeting or notify your clients of an important update.

Templates and themes

Personalized email correspondence

Customize and brand your email templates for routine communication with your contacts using mail merge tags. You can also use themes for consistent branding of your header and footer.

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