Automated Workflows


Grow your business through efficiency.

When a certain event occurs, like meeting a new referral, you can set up an automated workflow associated with this new contact to ensure you and your group are following up with the right actions. Checklist or sequential options. Easy.

Customizable Templates

Tailor automated workflows to your practice.

Name your workflow and create custom templates. It can be a sequential workflow or a checklist that gets completed. Editing and coworker commenting allow collaborative flexibility to get work done with ease.


Your future is managed now.

Dynamically schedule workflows in Wealthbox, and have due dates projected out in time. This flexibility in Wealthbox allows advisors to manage their work and collaborate as a team with efficiency. It's about time - yours.


Add conditional logic to your workflows.

Outcomes on steps allow you to create flexible workflows by going to a step, restarting the step on a given date, or completing/restarting the workflow. Make the workflow work for you.

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Amber, Team Wealthbox