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Schwab Advisor Services and their flexible approach lets advisors combine our best-in-class proprietary tools like Wealthbox to streamline routine tasks so they can focus on serving clients. The integration with Wealthbox allows advisors to use single-sign-on and see account details, positions, and transactions from accounts held at Schwab on Wealthbox contact record pages.

View Schwab accounts for contact records in Wealthbox.

“We are proud to have Wealthbox as a long-time participant in the Schwab Advisor Services 3rd Party Integration program. Their innovation has allowed advisors to digitally deliver an experience that best supports their clients and continues to drive firm growth. Wealthbox’s convenient Digital Account Opening and Account-view features are the type of functionality that advisors continually tell us they need to effectively and efficiently serve clients.”

Alison Dooher

Head of Schwab Digital Advisor Solutions

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