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Modern CRM integrated with automated scheduling and appointment reminders for increased productivity.


GReminders provides financial advisors and their teams with the ability to automate scheduling and appointment reminders, resulting in increased productivity while greatly reducing costly no-shows.

GReminders integrates directly with Wealthbox and syncs bi-directionally with Google and Microsoft calendars eliminating the hassle of setting up third-party connections. Advisors can now use the integration to automate customized scheduling and reminder messaging while seeing status updates within a client record.


Blog Post

“GReminders builds our software for our customers and our integration with Wealthbox is a direct result of user requests. They love the powerful features of Wealthbox and the convenience and effectiveness of GReminders, so it was a natural decision for us to partner with Wealthbox and give our mutual users the best of both worlds.”

Mark Hill

Director of Marketing, GReminders

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