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New in Wealthbox: Command Palette

July 1, 2024

Introducing the Command Palette for Ease and Speed!

At Wealthbox we have a need for speed, and today we’re excited to introduce a new feature to enhance your experience with Wealthbox: the Command Palette. This tool is your gateway to seamless navigation, offering a quicker and more intuitive way to maneuver through the Wealthbox CRM application.

A command palette is a user interface feature that allows users to quickly access commands, actions, and tools by typing keywords. It improves efficiency by providing a searchable, centralized menu for executing various functions without navigating through multiple menus.

The Command Palette allows you to execute commands and navigate through Wealthbox with just a few keystrokes. Using the “Expand” icon on the Search bar or keyboard shortcuts, the Command Palette provides instant access to many actions and features within Wealthbox. Whether you’re updating client information, scheduling tasks, sending an email, or adding a note, the Command Palette puts these functions at your fingertips.

Using the Command Palette is straightforward:

Access Anywhere: Use the “Expand” icon on the Search bar or keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl + K on PC or Cmd + K on Mac) from anywhere within Wealthbox to bring up the Command Palette.

The expand icon that opens the Command Palette in Wealthbox.

Search: Start typing what you want to do – including creating a new task, updating a contact, or navigating to a specific section – and easily search instead of navigating through menus.

Searching for a contact in the Command Palette in Wealthbox CRM.

Create: Easily create a new task, add a note, or update a contact with simple, intuitive actions.

Navigate: With instant search results and keyboard-driven navigation, you can easily move through the system without interrupting your workflow.

Ready to streamline your Wealthbox experience? Try the Command Palette today and experience a smarter way to navigate Wealthbox.

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