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New in Wealthbox: How-To Videos

March 2, 2023

Today we’re happy to announce a new and helpful resource for Wealthbox users: How-To Videos!

We now have a searchable catalog of how-to videos that will help advisors get the most out of Wealthbox. An initial batch of 100 videos is now available, and we’ll be constantly adding more how-to videos as Wealthbox continues to release new features and integrations along our product roadmap.

The Wealthbox product specialists are here to help!The Wealthbox product specialists are here to help!

These how-to videos are now available on our website and cover a range of topics aligned with the CRM components in Wealthbox. For instance: contacts, tasks, workflows, opportunities, customizations, and more are now available to view and share among advisor teams. Each video is short and concise to get the answer to what a user needs, fast.

The how-to videos page is also searchable, making it even easier to find the right answer to your question. See below when entering the keyword “user.”

Searching for "user" in How-to videos.

In addition to the how-to videos, Wealthbox offers other helpful resources such as live and recorded webinars, live demos, informative integration pages, a knowledge base help center, a product blog, data migration services, and a live help desk for one-on-one assistance to help our customers and their clients succeed.

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