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Partner Integrations


This integration provides advisors with both streamlined operations and expanded choices in how they bill for their services.


View aggregated multi-custodial data from hundreds of sources directly from Wealthbox.


Send contact data from Wealthbox for email marketing campaigns in AWeber.

Betterment for Advisors

View Betterment client account balances and details directly from Wealthbox.

Black Diamond

Receive client information and view account summaries, holdings, and transactions from Black Diamond reconciled accounts


View Blueleaf balances, performance, allocation, and detailed holdings in Wealthbox.


Easily access client files in Box via contact record pages in Wealthbox.


Link contacts from Wealthbox to see corresponding activities alongside dashboards, reports, and more inside Atlas.

Charles Schwab

See financial account details, positions, and transactions from accounts held at Schwab on the contact record page in Wealthbox.


Send contact data and archive client notes from Wealthbox to a centralized contact profile in ComplianceHero.

Constant Contact

Send contact data from Wealthbox for email marketing campaigns in Constant Contact.


Send contact data to Copytalk and transcribe contact notes directly into Wealthbox.


Easily access client files in Dropbox via contact record pages in Wealthbox.


Access eMoney data from Wealthbox for easy account look up and single-sign-on.


View account details for a Wealthscape client and single-sign-on.


Connect to Financial Media Exchange’s content exchange for financial advisors.

FMG Suite

Import, sync, and segment contacts for highly targeted digital marketing campaigns.

Google Calendar

Sync your Google Calendar with the Wealthbox Calendar with ease.

Google Chrome

Use Wealthbox CRM in a Chrome extension with other apps.

Google Drive

Easily access client files in Google Drive via contact record pages in Wealthbox.

Google Mail

Use “Wealthbox CRM for Chrome” to put CRM in your Gmail interface.


Automatically create call logs within your Wealthbox account using Intulse’s VOIP phone system for businesses.

Laser App

Map and send your clients’ information in Wealthbox to populate forms in Laser App.

Lead Pilot

Sync clients and prospects in Wealthbox to Lead Pilot with a single click.


Send contact data from Wealthbox for email marketing campaigns in MailChimp.

Mobile Assistant

Dictate notes into Mobile Assistant and receive transcribed contact notes directly in Wealthbox.


Access MoneyGuide data from Wealthbox for easy account look up and single-sign-on.


View archived SMS texts with clients directly in Wealthbox.

Office 365

Use “Wealthbox CRM for Chrome” to put CRM in your Office 365 interface.


View client account balances from Orion in Wealthbox and enjoy single sign-on.

Orion Planning

Send Wealthbox client data to Orion Planning and allow this with single sign-on ease.


Sync data across platforms, saving time and resources while ensuring accurate reporting.


Enjoy PreciseFP’s forms tool used by financial advisors, now integrated with Wealthbox.

Pulse 360

Sync information between Pulse360 and Wealthbox that’s relevant to the pre/post meeting documentation process.

RIA in a Box

Access RIA in a Box’s software platform to keep your firm in compliant practices.


With single sign-on transfer Wealthbox client info to RightCapital in one click.


View Riskalyze client information in Wealthbox and access Riskalyze in one click.


Store crucial client and prospect data from 3 of RiXtrema’s products in Wealthbox and generate leads.


Get real-time notifications on Wealthbox updates and activity in Slack channels.


View Smart Asset leads within Wealthbox Contacts with an automated follow up task.

Automatically document calls handled by’s virtual receptionist services inside your Wealthbox account.

Veo | TD Ameritrade

Access client account information in Wealthbox and enjoy single sign-on.


View Tolerisk risk tolerance’s assessment tools to enhance your client experience.


Click-to-call your clients from Wealthbox automatically document your call event.


View social updates from your clients on their respective contact pages within Wealthbox.


Easily transfer client data from Wealthbox to Yourefolio’s estate planning software.


Create Zaps with triggers and actions to integrate your apps. (See below.)

Featured Wealthbox Integrations via Zapier

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